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The Cynefin Centre runs a membership programme in which organisations join the Centre or individual programmes to jointly develop and engage with the world using a science based approach - theory informed practice.

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Academic membership offers institutions an opportunity to benefit from and contribute to the knowledge base. It also allows members to suggest research directions, and make proposals for testing.

There is also potential for academic members to have access to data for analysis (conditions permitting).

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Department | Government body

Public sector members, will find considerable benefit in making decisions informed by complexity science. Decisions, based on information that is actually representative of the situation, rather than decisions based on disproportionate representation of beliefs.

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Independent Consultant

Entities specialising in the provision of expert advice to third parties, may benefit from data specific to a demographic or context; so as to better inform their suggestions.

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Commercial entities may wish to benefit from a complexity informed approach to market research. To better inform product offerings, and the strategic/tactical decisions related to those offers.

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Students can benefit from access to expertise in their field and advice on producing a complexity informed methodology for their research projects.

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