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Our Programmes

The Cynefin Centre runs a membership based programme in which organisations join the Centre or individual programmes to jointly develop and engage with the world using a science based approach - theory informed practice.

Consequently, members will gain access to program outputs at a lower cost than subsequent commercial buyers. Additionally, members will be able to shape the development of those outputs.

Project Management

In partnership with AXELOS, developer of Prince2, we are developing a Cynefin based approach to project management, with training, certification and publications licensed exclusively through AXELOS and the Cynefin Centre.

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Public Transport (jointly with Cognitive Edge)

The public transport program will aim to capture traveler journals, recording the experiences of individuals as they navigate the network. These journals not only inform about the state of the network, but also allow the identification of trusted agents; individuals with greater observational ability, that can be actively called upon in a crisis.

This program will also look at the possibilities of integrating human sensor networks with developments in urban O.S.

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Health Sector

The Cynefin Centre and the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board have teamed up to create a complexity-informed framework to gather experiences from both patients and staff in a hospital setting, with a focus on safety.

Hospital Journeys – currently being trialled by the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board (amongst others), this offering includes (1) Staff, (2) In-Patient and (3) Out-Patient (defined for now as emergency department care recipients) journeys that will map patterns and correlations to detect weak signals in the landscapes. This form of continuous capture also allows hospital administrators to monitor real-time feedback that enables them to intervene as necessary.

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Social Sector

The social sector programme will look at weak signal detection within social care. Care worker journals will be able to alert in situations requiring further investigation, be it for elderly or vulnerable individuals.

In 2014, the Cynefin Centre and the Wales Centre for Behaviour Change (WCBC) developed a pilot study that sought to understand the day-to-day experiences of the elderly in North Wales. It was particularly community- and socially-focused. The study design is available as a genericised programme upon request.

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Scaling in development

The Cynefin Centre will be working with UNDP to develop better, more accurate measures of impact in development work, and develop a Cynefin based impact evaluation framework that is both generic and adaptive.

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National Student Survey

The Cynefin centre and BU have teamed up to create an alternative Cynefin based approach to the extant National Student Survey. Students will be asked to share their experiences about university life and studies on a framework of questions that span from quality of pastoral care to living conditions, to help create a fuller picture about the factors and circumstances that impact a student’s university experience. This will be made available as a generic programme for universities and other educational institutes.

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Psychology of the fear of failure

This project is part of a first-year PhD project and MSc dissertation to gain an in-depth understanding of fear of failure at an emotional, cognitive and behavioural level. The findings from the data, collected and analysed using SenseMaker®, can be used in future studies to inform interventions aimed at promoting adaptive responses to negative emotions.

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