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Meet the team

Here you can find out more about the people involved with the centre. And find contact details for some of them.

David Snowden - Centre Director

The Centre for Applied Complexity is lead by David Snowden, honorary professor at Bangor University and Chief Scientific Officer of Cognitive Edge. His work is in the area of naturalising sense-making, seeking to base social science research and practice in the natural science. He is generally considered to be a pioneer in the application of complex adaptive systems theory to a range of social issues, and in the development of narrative as a research method. Cognitive Edge is an independent organisation that manages an open source approach to consultancy method as well as software development and research. His work extends across government and industry in a variety of fields including knowledge management, strategic planning, conflict resolution, weak signal detection, decision support and organisational development.

John Parkinson - Academic Lead @ Bangor University

Professor John A Parkinson has held an academic position at Bangor University since 2004 and was appointed Head of School in October 2013. His research expertise is in the interactions between motivation and behaviour with a particular focus on positive psychology and the promotion of optimal functioning and resilience. John acts to facilitate trans-disciplinary research at Bangor University through his involvement in Arloesi Pontio Innovation. It is through this latter initiative that John has worked with Dave Snowden and Andy Goodman to develop the Cynefin Centre. Complex human-centred problems (sometimes termed societies ‘wicked’ problems) can only be understood and addressed through trans-disciplinary approaches and John is interested in the research potential for Sensemaker as a tool to help identify behavioural strategies to help people live happier healthier lives.

Andy Goodman - Academic Lead @ Bangor University

An unconventional academic, Dr. Andy Goodman will happily (and rather animatedly) tell you about the Industrial Design course at the RCA (, or his PhD in "Magnetisation reversal in spin valve multi-layers" and the subsequent post doctoral work he did in the former Brain Computing Division at Tohaku University. Andy brings both: an appreciation of complexity, informed by his study of magnetic domain interactions; and an understanding of the need for human/application focused design. Now, he can most likely be found converting caffeine into ideas as Pontio's Director of Innovation.

Jules Yim - Principal Subject Matter Consultant

Previously based in Singapore with a focus on Cognitive Edge’s public sector clients, Jules relocated to the UK in 2014 to undertake the role of in situ consultant, and has since helped establish the Centre together with BU’s academic leads. Moving forward, Jules hopes to bring her six years’ worth of experience to designing and overseeing projects that will advance one of the Centre’s key aims of economic rejuvenation in the convergence areas, and also impart expertise and knowledge through writing and teaching.


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